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Released in 1987 on NES
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Arkanoid (NES) is an ball-bouncing action game built on the theme originally designed by Atari’s Breakout. You control a paddle (a spaceship named “Vaus”) at the bottom of the screen which you must use to bounce a ball toward a wall of “bricks” at the top of the screen. Each hit breaks a brick, and when they’re all broken, you move to the next stage. However, if you miss the ball with your paddle, you lose a life. Play Arkanoid online here, for free!

Arkanoid (NES) game description

Taito innovated several new features to the Breakout theme which would later become staples of the genre including invincible gold bricks, monsters that roam around the screen, and capsules that grant power-ups like making your paddle bigger, breaking the ball into multiple balls, the ability to catch the ball, and so on.

This game was also bundled with a special paddle controller which could plug into the 2-player port. Playing with a standard NES controller is possible, but the game is considerably harder because the paddle controller offers more accurate and faster movement.

Play Arkanoid online

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