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Released in 1999 on Game Boy Color
Play Duke Nukem online (Gameboy Color)
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Duke Nukem is a portable video game in the Duke Nukem series, released for the Nintendo Game Boy Color in 1999. The Story itself is parallel to the story in Duke Nukem II, except the Rigelatins have been replace by the Zorgonites. In addition, the levels, weapons, items, enemies and bosses are also different. Play Duke Nukem online here, for free!

Duke Nukem (Gameboy Color) game description

Duke Nukem is back in this self-titled game. Duke Nukem has become famous and because of that attracted the attention of the alien Zorgonites. The Zorgonites want to abduct Duke to let him lead their armies to conquer the universe.

Duke Nukem on the Game Boy Color is a classical jump and run platform game where you can walk, shoot, jump, climb ladders, hang from ledges, crawl, but also mount vehicles such as a little tank and space ship. You have to avoid enemies and hazardous environments. Levels will bring you on board a Zorgonite spaceship, the moon, LA and other locations.

The game features 12 usable weapons, including a flame thrower, bazooka and machine gun. Other power-ups include body armor, health packs and bonus lives.

Play Duke Nukem online

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