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Released in 1994 on SNES
Play Fatal Fury 2 online (SNES)
Play Fatal Fury 2 game for SNES online here, in web browser!

Fatal Fury 2 is a fighting video game released by SNK for the SNES in 1994. Play Fatal Fury 2 online!

Fatal Fury 2 game description

Again, the Lone Wolves return!

Geese Howard may have been defeated, but that doesn’t mean all is peaceful. A new opponent, Wolfgang Krauser, has come forth to begin a new Fatal Fury tournament. The Lone Wolves return, with new faces amongst them. Only one can be declared the winner though.

The player can choose one from eight playable characters: Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, Big Bear, Jubei Yamada, Cheng Sinzan, Kim Kaphwan, and Mai Shiranui. The game has four bosses. The combat system is more complex than in the first game, supporting four keys to attack. The two-plane (foreground and background) battle system has been retained, but now, the player can move freely to the adjacent plane – just by pressing the Light Punch and Light Kick buttons simultaneously. The main principle remains the same – beat your opponent in a duel with fists and kicks.

Play Fatal Fury 2 online

You can play Fatal Fury 2 online here, in web browser for free!

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