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Released in 1995 on Sega Genesis
Play Gargoyles online (Sega Genesis)
Play Gargoyles (Sega Genesis) game online here.

Gargoyles (Sega Genesis) is a platform game developed by Disney Software and published by Buena Vista Interactive for the Sega Genesis in 1995. It is an adaptation of the Disney animated series of the same title. Play Gargoyles online here.

Gargoyles (Sega Genesis) game description

The player controls the protagonist Goliath as he seeks to put an end to the Eye of Odin, a corrupted magical talisman which can transform whoever comes to possess it. Demona, the most recent owner of the Eye, ultimately becomes the main antagonist. The game contains 11 levels bookended by short cinematics which explain the story thus far, each level concluding with a boss encounter.

When the sun sets, Goliath awakens to travel the world through 1,000 years of time to destroy this evil artifact, facing enemies ranging from vikings, to robotic foes such as Raptorbots, Spiderbots, and Waspbots.

Throughout the adventure, Goliath can climb huge, gothic buildings to avoid enemy fire and projectiles, attack and claw foes in mid-air and on the ground, or somersault to break crumbling walls.

Play Gargoyles online

You can play Gargoyles online, emulated in web browser here.

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