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Released in 1994 on Sega Genesis
Play Incredible Hulk online (Sega Genesis)
Play Incredible Hulk game for Sega Genesis online here, for free!

The Incredible Hulk is a side-scrolling action video game released for the Super NES, Sega Genesis, Master System, and Game Gear. Play Incredible Hulk online here, for free!

Incredible Hulk (Sega Genesis) game description

In this side-scrolling action game you fight against your arch-enemy The Leader and his forces (Rhino, Absorbing Man, Abomination and Tyrannus).

Take control of the Hulk/Dr. Banner through five levels of action. City and Construction Site, Tyrannus’ Labyrinth, Leader’s Fortress, Leader’s Interior, and the Final Confrontation.

The player controls the Incredible Hulk while searching for the Leader. Five levels await ranging from city skyscrapers to alien landscapes. The Marvel Comics villains featured as the five levels’ respective bosses are The Abomination (who appears as a sub-boss in every level), Rhino, Absorbing Man, Tyrannus, and the Leader.

The player navigates The Hulk through the 7 different levels, defeating enemies such as The Leader’s robots to The Abomination as a mini-boss in most levels. Different power-ups can be collected, such as extra time in the level boss, super-health pills, extra lives, and tranquility pills. Tranquility pills can be stored and used at will, and their effect reverts The Hulk back to Bruce Banner. While in Banner form, the player has no form of attack, except for laser guns randomly found in a level, which only have 2 bullets per gun. The player’s only other option is to evade any enemies by jumping if not possessing a gun.

Bruce will transform back into The Hulk if any hits are taken while standing up on the ground. The player can also utilize Banner’s smaller size to fit through small passages that The Hulk cannot fit through, leading to secret rooms. Through use of a cheat code, the player can swap through Banner and The Hulk at will during the pause menu.

Play Incredible Hulk online

Play Incredible Hulk online here, for free! Play Incredible Hulk online now, in web browser!

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