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Released in 1994 on SNES
Play Kirby's Dream Course online (SNES)
Play Kirby's Dream Course game for SNES online, for free.

Kirby’s Dream Course, known as Kirby Bowl in Japan, is a 1994 miniature golf video game developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994. It is one of four Kirby video games released for the console. Play Kirby’s Dream Course online here, for free.

Kirby’s Dream Course (SNES) game description

Kirby’s Dream Course is a mini-golf game featuring the pink blob Kirby. Instead of a ball, the player tries to hit Kirby around the course and into the hole at the end. Players must set the power, angle, and spin to connect with various enemies found throughout the levels.

As per usual in golf games, the more strokes it takes you to complete the whole, the lower your score – so make sure you aim Kirby just right!

You’ll find eight courses and a total of sixty-four holes in the game, not including the final showdown with King Dedede, as well as an action-packed two-player mode.

Play Kirby’s Dream Course online

Play Kirby’s Dream Course online, in web browser. Play Kirby’s Dream Course online here, for free.

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