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Released in 1985 on NES
Play Kung Fu online (NES)
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Kung Fu was a port of Kung-Fu Master (developed by Irem) for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo developed the NES version. As one of the sixteen launch titles for the system, it was also the first beat ’em up games. It stars Thomas, who fights through six stages to save his kidnapped girlfriend, Silvia. Play Kung Fu online here, in web browser, for free.

Kung Fu (NES) game description

Loosely based on a movie, Kung-Fu Master is a side scrolling action game for one or two players, who alternate turns.

Mr. X has captured the pickpocket Sylvia and it is up to Thomas, a kung-fu master who owns a restaurant, to get her back. She is located on the top floor of Mr. X’s castle and Thomas will need to fight his way to the top. Of course, this won’t be easy as each floor has many opponents to get past and a floor boss at the end of each level.

Thomas is able to move left and right, jump, duck, and punch and kick. Enemy projectiles such as knives can be kicked in the air to rebound them towards the enemy. On the top floor resides Mr. X himself.

Play Kung Fu online

Play Kung Fu online, in web browser. Play Kung Fu online now, for free!

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