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Mega Man X is a solid sci-fi action platform shooter for the SNES. Together with Mega Man anime series or Mega Man movie, it is a part of a greatly popular franchise. Play Mega man X online now!

Mega man X storyline

Mega Man X is a robot designed by Dr. Light to have free will. Years after later Dr. Cain finds X and uses his design to create a race of similar robots which he called Reploids. When the Sigma virus infects the Reploids, it causes them to commit evil. It is then up to Mega Man X and his partner Zero, a powerful robot as well, to make things right.

Play Mega man X online

Whether you are a fan of the franchise or an explorer on the journey of discovering great SNES games, you have come to the right place! You can play Mega Man X online, emulated, in your browser right here on Play Mega man X online for free now!

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