Play Mega Man Xtreme online

Released in 2001 on Game Boy Color
Play Mega Man Xtreme (GBC) game online
Play Mega Man Xtreme (GBC) game online here.

Mega Man X hits the Gameboy Color!  Mega Man Xtreme for Gameboy Color is action platformer game. Mega Man Xtreme takes place within the series timeline, during the 22nd century, in which a group of “Maverick” androids called the “Shadow Hunters” hack into the world’s “Mother Computer” system, destabilize all of the networks, and allow other Mavericks to cause rampant destruction all over the world. Play Mega Men Xtreme online, in web browser.

The heroic “Maverick HunterMega Man X is tasked with going into cyberspace to relive his past missions and put a stop to the group’s plans.

Mega Man Xtreme (Game Boy Color) game description

When an unknown hacker group breaks into a super system known as the Mother Computer, havoc breaks out all over the world! X and Zero are called in to find and destroy this hacker group and restore the Mother Computer before the world is thrust into chaos!

Play Mega Man Xtreme (GBC) online

You can play Mega Man Xtreme online, directly in your web browser here!

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