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Released in 1994 on Sega Genesis
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Phantasy Star IV (Genesis) is a role-playing video game released for the Mega Drive/Genesis in Japan in 1993 and Europe and North America in 1995. Play Phantasy Star IV online here!

Phantasy Star IV (Genesis) gameplay

RPG game Phantasy Star IV is an archetypal role-playing video game, featuring the staples of exploration, NPC interaction, and turn-based combat.

Phantasy Star IV has a number of features new to the series, including combination techniques, manga-style panel illustrations that accompany the narrative, and an expanded script.

There are a few segments in the game with vehicle combat, which mostly follows the same turn-based formula as the regular battles. Side quests are present in form of hunter assignments for Chaz and his friends. A “party talk” feature is available, displaying conversations between player-controlled characters. The game uses manga-style comic book panels as cutscenes.

Phantasy Star Storyline

A thousand years have passed. Motavia has healed somewhat, and life is beginning to return to the way it once was many years ago. The Hunter’s Guild on Motavia helps to keep things steady. But a dark evil once thought to be long dead is beginning to stir once again, and the young hunter, Chaz, is about to begin his ultimate adventure – which starts with one simple routine assignment…

Play Phantasy Star IV online

You can enjoy this RPG game online, directly in browser. Play it here. Play Phantasy Star IV online for free, in web browser. Play Phantasy Star IV online now!

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