Play R-Type online


Play R-Type online

R-Type is a late 1980s arcade side-scrolling space shooter for the Sega Master System. This space shooter is well-known for its hardcore, tough, unforgiving gameplay.


In R-Type you control the R-9 spaceship with a standard on-board cannon with two firing modes – auto-fire and a powerful charge-up shot. In addition to that, R-9 can collect various upgrades which could prove vital for your survival.

The organic-like level design in R-Type seems to be inspired by H. R. Giger’s bio-mechanical paintings. When the game came out, this is what made it stand out among other sci-fi space shooters. The game also features enemies that can block your path or maze-like levels with dead ends. That is why it is sound to approach the levels with a fair bit of strategy and planning.

If you are looking to play one of the iconic, hardcore side-scrolling space shooters of the 1980s, you are in the right place. You can play R-Type online, emulated, in your browser here on!

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