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Released in 1995 on Sega Genesis
Road Rash 3 | Cover
Beat all oppinents and win race in these illegal, bloody races.

Road Rash 3 for Sega Genesis is a racing game developer and publised by Electronic Arts. Road Rash 3 is exclusive game for Sega Genesis, released in 1995. Play Road Rash 3 online.

Road Rash 3 gameplay

The player conquer the Unatis States illegal motorcycle championship. Your bike can be improved by choosing cheaper upgrades such as tires or engine. Engine improve acceleration and top speed. You can improve suspension and motorcycle’s body too. Road Rush 3 added more weapons and meaner police patrols.

FIrst of all you will need money. You must beat as many of the other 15 racers to the finish line, using all means possible. Even kicking and punching them into knockout.

Beware the police

By clearing all five races on a level, you advance to the next, where opponents are faster and tougher, the police is more active and a longer race. Instead of simple motorbike patrols, the police will have helicopters at their disposal and patrol cats. They will try to block the path of the bike, forcing it to stop or collide.

Play Road Rash 3 online

Road Rash 3 can be played here, online with Sega Genesis emulator. Play Road Rash 3 online now!

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