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Released in 1987 on NES
The Legend of Zelda, (USA) online in browser | NES
Explore dungeons in The Legend of Zelda and find the Triforce pieces.

The Legend of Zelda is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Nintendo in 1986. The game spawned several prequels and a number of spin-offs, establishing a series that has become one of Nintendo’s most popular. Play The Legend of Zelda online here.

The Legend of Zelda NES gameplay

RPG game The Legend of Zelda marks the first title of the Zelda series. The Legend of Zelda incorporates elements of action, adventure, and role-playing games. The player controls Link from a flip-screen overhead perspective as he travels in the overworld, a large outdoor map with varied environments. Link begins the game armed only with a small shield, but a sword becomes available to Link after he ventures into a cave that is accessible from the game’s first map screen.

Barring Link’s progress are creatures he must battle to locate the entrances to nine underground dungeons. Each dungeon is a unique, maze-like collection of rooms connected by doors and secret passages, and guarded by monsters different from those found on the surface.

Players must make their way through the various forests, graveyards, plains, and deserts of the Overworld to find the secret entrances of the eight dungeons in an attempt to piece together the broken Triforce.

To find the Triforce pieces, Link must explore dungeons. Once he finds an entrance to the dungeon and goes in, he must explore the rooms, fight enemies and collect keys until he finds the boss monster he must defeat. He will then be able to pick up a Triforce piece and gain a permanent health increase. Once he does so, however, all the monsters in the Overworld come back to life.

After completing the game, the player has access to a more difficult quest, officially referred to as the “Second Quest”. With new dungeon locations/layouts, different item placements, and stronger enemies.

Play The Legend of Zelda online

You can play The Legend of Zelda online, in web browser. Enjoy The Legend of Zelda online!

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