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Released in 1991 on Sega Genesis
Play Toe Jam & Earl online (Genesis)
Play Toe Jam & Earl (Sega Genesis) game online here.

ToeJam & Earl is an action video game developed by Johnson Voorsanger Productions and published by Sega for the Sega Genesis video game console. Play Toe Jam & Earl online here.

Toe Jam & Earl (Sega Genesis) gameplay

Toe Jam & Earl takes place from a 3/4 perspective in a 2D game world. Its gameplay mechanics were inspired by Rogue, which has led to its description as a Roguelike or dungeon-crawl game. The game contains both single-player and two-player cooperative modes. The latter displays a single screen when both characters are near each other, but splits it apart when they are not. Playing the game with two players reveals dialogue and jokes between the characters not heard in the single player game.

Toe Jam & Earl storyline

Toe Jam and Earl are two hip aliens from the planet Funkotron. One day, they are cruisin’ their galaxy in the sweet spaceship ride. Unfortunately, Earl wasn’t paying enough attention to where he was driving, and ran the ship into an asteroid. The ship crash landed onto the most bizarre planet in the galaxy: Earth.

Toe Jam and Earl must travel from level to level on Earth and collect the 10 scattered pieces of the ship. But the various Earthlings, such as Nerd Herds, Giant Hamsters, Phantom Ice Cream Trucks and the Bogeyman will make that difficult.

Play Toe Jam & Earl online

You can play Toe Jam & Earl online, emulated in web browser here.

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