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Wario Land 2 is a late 1990s action side-scrolling platformer for the Gameboy Color. Play Wario Land 2 online here.

Wario Land 2 Storyline

After the events of Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, pirates from Black Sugar Gang from Kitchen Island are really pissed. Wario stole their treasure and they want it back. So their special agents sneak into Wario’s fresh, new castle, steal back the treasure and leave the castle and its surroundings one huge mess. As Wario, you tidy the place up and you go out to show the poor pirates that they should not have messed with you!

Wario Land 2 Gameplay

In Wario Land 2, Wario is almost immortal. When he touches an enemy, he does not die, but instead he loses coins he collected in the level. There are certain enemies who turn Wario into different forms with different abilities such as a Balloon Wario, Fire Wario or Zombie Wario. Use them for example to get into otherwise inaccessible areas.

If you are looking to play this great Gameboy Color platformer, you are in the right place! Play Wario Land 2 online, emulated, in your browser right here on! Check out the sequel, Wario Land 3 here.

Play Wario Land 2 online

You can play Wario Land 2 online here, in web browser.

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