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Released in 1992 on NES

Wheel of Fortune game is a Nintendo Entertainment System video game developed by Rare and released by GameTek in 1988. It is a digital version of the popular American game show Wheel of Fortune. The rules of the TV show apply in the video game; players are able to purchase vowels, spin the wheel, participate in lightning rounds, and test their luck in the final round. Play Wheel of Fortune game online here.

What is Wheel of Fortune game

This game is based on the popular Merv Griffin-produced TV game show of the same name. The goal is to solve for the missing letters in the given place, person, thing, phrase, etc. Spin the eponymous wheel for money, guess consonants, buy vowels, and try to solve the puzzle.

Play against human opponents or the computer and win fabulous prizes on the WHEEL OF FORTUNE!

Play Wheel of Fortune game online

You can play Wheel of Fortune game for NES online here. Play Wheel of Fortune game online here.

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