Play X-Men 2: Clone Wars online

Released in 1995 on Sega Genesis
Play X-Men 2: Clone Wars game online
Play X-Men 2: Clone Wars (Sega Genesis) game online here.

X-Men 2: Clone Wars is a 1995 platform game developed by Headgames and released by Sega of America for the Mega Drive/Genesis as a sequel to the 1993’s X-Men. Play X-Men 2 Clone Wars game online (Sega Genesis) here.

X-Men 2: Clone Wars (Sega Genesis) game description

The game begins with a cold open; the first level begins as soon as the game is turned on with a random character. After completing the first stage, the title screen and credits roll and the player is given the option to switch characters.

This is the second X-Men game from Sega for the Genesis. This time around, an alien force known as the Phalanx is out to control the earth. The X-Men are our only hope to stop this menace.

Each character has a “mutant power attack” which can be used in combat. Unlike the preceding game, there is no energy bar that limits the amount of mutant power attacks a player can use. Some of the mutant attacks can be charged to a greater effect by holding down the power button. The attacks increase in power when the character has nine or ten bars of health and can perform different functions if the character is in the air.

The gameplay of this adventure is similar to side-scrolling action of the previous title. You have more playable characters this time: Beast, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Wolverine, Cyclops and even Magneto.

Play X-Men 2 Clone Wars game online

You can play X-Men 2: Clone Wars game online, in web browser here.

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