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Released in 1993 on SNES
Play Yoshi's Safari online (SNES)
Play Yoshi's Safari game for SNES online here, for free!

Yoshi’s Safari, known in Japan as Yoshi’s Road Hunting is a video game for the Super NES in 1993. Play Yoshi’s Safari online here, for free!

Yoshi’s Safari (SNES) game description

In Yoshi’s Safari, Bowser, King of the Koopas, and his evil offspring have invaded Jewelry Land. The Koopalings have seized the Kingdom’s precious jewels. It’s up to Mario, armed with his trusty Super Scope, to ride Yoshi to track down Bowser and put a stop to his evil plans.

Unusual for the Mario games, Yoshi’s Safari uses a first-person perspective. Gameplay consists of shooting enemies before they attack. Hidden areas and other secrets can be unlocked by shooting at large gates. There are bosses along the way that must be destroyed before players can move on to the next area. Game supports single or multi-player game modes.

Play Yoshi’s Safari online

Play Yoshi’s Safari online here, for free! Play Yoshi’s Safari online now, in web browser!

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