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Released in 1980 on Atari 2600

Adventure is a graphic action-adventure game for the Atari 2600 video game console, released in ca. late 1979–1980. Play Adventure online here.

In the game, the player controls a square avatar whose quest is to explore an open-ended environment to find a magical chalice and return it to the golden castle. The game world is populated by roaming enemies: three dragons that can eat the avatar and a bat that randomly steals and hides items around the game world.

Adventure introduced a number of innovative game elements to console games, including a playing area that spanned several different screens and enemies that continued to move even when not displayed on the screen. Collect keys to explore castles, labyrinths and everything in between, whilst slaying anything that moves (i.e. Dragons & Co.) to get treasures.

Adventure (Atari 2600) description

Gameplay revolves around picking up (and dropping) items, hacking your way though dragons, finding keys to open the castle gates and using magic (i.e. reincarnation) in case you get swallowed by failing-to-follow-their-diet-plan-dragons.

Adventure Gameplay

In Adventure, the player’s goal is to recover the Enchanted Chalice that an evil magician has stolen and hidden in the kingdom and return it to the Golden Castle. The kingdom includes two other castles (White and Black) and various obstacles and mazes within them. Further, the kingdom is guarded by three dragons: Yorgle (yellow dragon), Grundle (green dragon), and Rhindle (red dragon who moves much faster than the other two), that protect various items in the game and will try to chase and eat the player’s avatar

Play Adventure online

You can play Adventure online, emulated in web browser.

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