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Released in 1990 on Sega Genesis
Play Batman online (Sega Genesis)
Play Batman game online (Sega Genesis) here.

Batman also known as Batman: The Video Game is a video game released for the Sega Genesis, which was inspired by the Tim Burton-directed Batman film from 1989. Play Batman online, in web browset.

Batman (Sega Genesis) game description

The game consists in six stages, four of side-scrolling platform action and two side-scrolling shooter ones, in the following order: Gotham City Street, Axis Chemical Factory, Flugelheim Museum, Gotham City Street (with the Batmobile and after that on foot), In the Sky over Gotham City (with the Batwing) and the Cathedral, where Batman finally faces the Joker.

Batman can beat his enemies by punching them, slide kicking or throwing his Batarang. Batman can block projectile-based attacks. He can also use his double jump to leap greater distances or attack his enemies. To reach higher platforms, Batman can use his Grappling Hook. While piloting the Batmobile or the Batwing, Batman can shoot the Twin Vulcan Cannons or Twin Homing Missiles.

Play Batman online

You can play Batman online, emulated in web browser.

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