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Released in 1993 on Sega Genesis
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Wiz ‘n’ Liz is an action platformer divided into several stages. Developed by Raising Hell Software for the Amiga and Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.

Wiz’n’Liz gameplay

The game takes place on a series of levels, each divided into eight worlds. Each world has a distinct graphical style and music, but the basic gameplay remains the same. Wiz and/or Liz must run through the landscape collecting wabbits against a strict time limit. To win, the player must collect floating letters that appear when a wabbit is collected, to spell out a magic word shown at the top of the screen. Once an entire word is collected, the player then must rescue all remaining wabbits on the level, who now release collectable fruit, stars and clocks to increase the time limit.

The limit starts at three minutes and is only restarted when the player character dies. This time limit can however be extended by collecting a glowing orange orb which appears in the last ten seconds of a countdown and gives 30 seconds of bonus time.

Wiz’n’Liz storyline

Wiz and Liz are magicians. They live on the planet Pum and brew potions and cast spells. They also tend to rabbit-like creatures called “wabbits”. One day, a concoction goes awry and sends all the wabbits to distant parts of Pum. Wiz and Liz set off to look for them.

Play Wiz’n’Liz game online

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