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Released in 1994 on Sega Genesis
Play Crusader of Centy online (Sega Genesis)
Play Crusader of Centy game for Sega Genesis online, for free!

Crusader of Centy is an action role-playing game that was released on the Genesis/Mega Drive. Play Crusader of Centy online here, for free!

Crusader of Centy (Sega Genesis) game description

Crusader of Centy is an overhead action game with light role-playing and puzzle-solving elements, similar to Zelda games.

Gameplay takes place in an overhead perspective and focuses on exploring, battling enemies with a sword, and solving puzzles. As the story progresses numerous animals join the hero and aid him, they are used in gameplay like weapons or tools, which often grant passage to previously inaccessible areas. The game’s storyline is remarkable for questioning many of the traditional concepts of fantasy role-playing games, such as that monsters are inherently evil.

Before the time of plants and animals, Earth was completely dark and inhabited by beings we now call ‘monsters’. When some voice said ‘Let There Be Light’ , many monsters died because they could not live in this new light world. Not all died however; some of them hid in caves, and grew stronger. Now, they want to return to the world.

Corona is a boy from Soleil Town who just turned fourteen and has to undergo a series of trials to become a true swordsman. However, soon he finds himself in a strange predicament: unable to speak to humans any more, he learns to communicate with animals, and realizes that not everything in the world is as simple as it looks.

Play Crusader of Centy online

You can play Crusader of Centy online here, for free. Play Crusader of Centy online now!

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