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Released in 2000 on Game Boy Color
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Crystalis, (Gameboy Color) originally released in Japan as God Slayer: Haruka Tenkū no Sonata, is a 1990 action RPG/action-adventure video game. Play Crystalis online here, for free.

Crystalis ( Gameboy color) game description

Crystalis is a top-down action role-playing game. Starting from the cryogenic chamber, the player takes the role of a mysterious hero who must uncover the mystery of the tower. The character may equip weapons, armor, shields and globes or bracelets on his body and a single item from his inventory for use in the field. To aid the hero on his quest, four wise people will gradually teach him offensive and healing magic, which requires MP to use.

The protagonist will also obtain four elemental swords which will help him progress. Each sword can be charged for a powerful ranged attack; if special items are found, this attack can be enhanced for two additional levels. The hero gains experience and gold from defeating monsters. The experience is used to gain levels and improve statistics, however a minimum level is required before one can do damage to specific bosses. Gold is used to purchase items in shops.

Play Crystalis online

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