Play Pokemon Crystal Version online


Play Pokemon Crystal Version online

Pokemon Crystal Version is one of the best Gameboy Color games. It is a very popular early 2000s turn-based fantasy JRPG that is all about finding, catching, training, fighting and trading pokemon.

Pokemon Crystal is an enhanced version of the Pokemon RPG for the Gameboy Color. It is based on Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. The storyline, characters and gameplay are basically the same. What did get added though was a few game updates and a few changes were made to the game to make it more exciting and even more engaging than Gold and Silver.

Notable Game Changes

  • The player can choose to play as a male or a female character.
  • In Crystal, Suicune plays a much bigger role, both as a character and a pokemon. The player meets it earlier and can catch it easier at Tin Tower as well as during three encounters before Tin Tower.
  • New characters: Eusine, The Poke Seer and more.
  • New interface. Added a sign that appears at the bottom of the screen when entering a new area showing the player’s current location (route, area).
  • New animations. Pokemon move when entering combat screen.
  • New pokemon locations, exceptions, moves and additions.

If you are looking to try this popular Gameboy Color RPG, you are in the right place. You can play Pokemon Crystal Version online, in your browser here on

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