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Donkey Kong Country is a really popular mid 90s action side-scrolling platformer for the SNES. Play Donkey Kong Country online now!

Donkey Kong Country storyline

King K. Rool has stolen all bananas from Donkey Kong’s special banana stash. So Donkey Kong takes his nimble little brother Diddy Kong, and together they set out to find the king and get the delicious bananas back. On their journey, Donkey and Diddy encounter numerous king’s henchmen and minions who try to stop them, but they don’t stand a chance against the duo.

Donkey Kong Country gameplay

Gameplaywise, Donkey and Diddy are two quite different characters. Donkey Kong is the strong one, he can destroy most enemies with a single jump on the head and can lift barrels and throw them really far. Diddy Kong, on the other hand, is the fast one, he is not as strong as Donkey. His signature moves are he can run really fast and he can do cartwheels. Diddy pushes barrels in front of him, shielding himself against frontal attacks.

The game takes place on different worlds which are split into different levels. Each level has bonus areas with bananas, medallions and lives. The end of each world is guarded by a boss which is usually a larger version of a regular enemy.

Play Donkey Kong Country online

If you are looking to play this popular SNES platformer, you are on the right place! Play Donkey Kong Country online, emulated, in your browser here on Play Donkey Kong Country online for free now!

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