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Released in 1994 on Sega Genesis
Play Dragon Ball Z online (Sega Genesis)
Play Dragon Ball Z (English version) game online here, for free.

Dragon Ball Z (ENG) (Sega Genesis) is a fighting game that maintains the dual screen mode previously seen in Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden series on SNES. Play Dragon Ball Z online here, for free.

Dragon Ball Z (ENG) (Sega genesis) game description

Dual screen mode important to note, as the most damaging attack of the game could be just executed from far away of your opponent, the energy fireball projectiles. These special attacks also need that you have your KI bar (which unlike energy one, is rechargeable) to a considerable level and the only way to block them is by means of a long button combination.

The constitution of the characters is based strictly on the Freezer and Cell sagas (Son Goku SSJ, Son Gohan SSJ2, Piccolo, Vegeta SSJ, Future Trunks SSJ, Krilin, Recoome, Ginyū, Freezer, A-18 and Perfect Cell), with special mention to Krilin, Ginyū and Recoome, who made here their first appearance in a fighting game. There are also 9 scenarios available, all of them corresponding to recognizable areas of the anime itself, some also appearing for 2 times but in different status (i.e., “normal” Namek and Namek “in flames”).

Play Dragon Ball Z online

You can play Dragon Ball Z online, in web browser here. Play Dragon Ball Z online now, for free!

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