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Released in 1998 on Gameboy
Play James Bond 007 online (Gameboy)
Play James Bond 007 game for Gameboy online here, for free!

James Bond 007 is a 1998 action-adventure game featuring James Bond. The game was developed by Saffire Corporation and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy. Play James Bond 007 online here, for free!

James Bond 007 (Gamegoy) gameplay

The gameplay of James Bond 007 is presented from a top-down perspective. As James Bond, the player controls an arsenal of weapons and items. Bond must use items at the appropriate place and time to either sneak past impossible odds or to solve a mission. The player can save up to three games and/or delete them. The player can also perform fist and karate moves. The game is played across 11 levels, and also incorporates gambling minigames, such as Baccarat and Blackjack. The game is presented in black and white, as it was developed for the original Game Boy.

James Bond 007 (Gamegoy) game description

James Bond is once again in the thick of things, this time travelling the eastern hemisphere in order to stop an elite weapons smuggling ring. In order to do so, Bond must use all of the weapons and gadgets on hand, including the trusty laser watch, pistols, Ak-47’s and more.

Bond will also have the chance to visit the casino, where you can spend some cash on blackjack and the like, while some of the most famous Bond villains make appearances in the hopes that they will stop the secret agent from completing his task.

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