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The cute Kirby returns to the Game Boy in the second part of his exciting, side-scrolling action platformer! This time the bridges connecting the rainbow bridges have disappeared and King Dedede is to blame as always … or is he? The evil Dark Matter has him under control and plans to turn Dream Land into a dark world. If Kirby is to defeat him, he must find the fabled Rainbow Sword! Play Kirby’s Dream Land 2 online now!

Kirby’s Dream Land 2 description

Even without the Rainbow Sword, Kirby is a pretty powerful character. He can fly with no power-ups, and he can swallow enemies and get their powers. In addition to that, Kirby can team up with his friends: Rick the hamster, Kine the fish, and Coo the owl. Each team-up has its advantages and disadvantages, and Kirby can still swallow enemies, making even more different powers available depending on the power-friend combination.

Play Kirby’s Dream Land 2 online

You can play Kirby’s Dream Land 2 for Game Boy online, emulated, in your browser right here on Play Kirby’s Dream Land 2 online for free now!

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