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Released in 1997 on Gameboy

Castlevania Legends is the third and final Castlevania title released for the original Game Boy. Play Castlevania Legends online here.

Castlevania Legends (Gameboy) storyline

Take a journey to the very beginning, when Dracula first rose up to terrorize the good people of Transylvania. None dared challenge him, and the people of the country lived in fear and terror – until a young girl rose up and decided to take matters into her own hands. That young girl was Sonia Belmont, the first in the line of the legendary Belmont clan.

Castlevania Legends (Gameboy) gameplay

A player starts with three lives, after which the game is over. A player may continue from the beginning of the last stage they were in. There is also a Hit score showing how many enemies have been defeated in each stage. Like other Castlevania games, striking candles will cause items to appear.

However, unlike most other Castlevania titles, the traditional subweapons are replaced with five unique magic spells called “Soul Weapons”. Hearts are used as currency to acquire weapons. Sonia can also enter a “Burning Mode”, where she becomes invincible, moves faster, and has more powerful attacks, though this power can only be used once per life or level.

Each of the game’s bosses leaves behind an orb with a Soul weapon inside. Sonia can collect five of these weapons: Wind, Ice, Flame, Saint and Magic. Similar to previous games these are activated by pressing up+attack, and require a certain number of hearts. The player can switch to any Soul Power at any moment at a weapon select screen. Sonia’s whip can be upgraded three times, the third upgrade adding a fireball-like projectile.

Play Castlevania Legends online

You can play Castlevania Legends online, in web browser.

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