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Mario Bros (Atari 2600) is a platform game published and developed for arcades by Nintendo in 1983. Play Mario Bros online now!

Classic Atari 2600 game Mario Bros gameplay

Mario Bros. features two plumbers, Mario and Luigi, having to investigate the sewers of New York after strange creatures have been appearing down there. The objective of the game is to defeat all of the enemies in each phase. The mechanics of Mario Bros. involve only running and jumping.

Unlike future Mario games, players cannot jump on enemies and squash them, unless they were already turned on their back. Each phase is a series of platforms with pipes at each corner of the screen, along with an object called a “POW” block in the center. Phases use wraparound, meaning that enemies and players that go off to one side will reappear on the opposite side.

The platform puzzle which first introduced Luigi to the world has both single and multiplayer action with two differing game types, but with the same objective. Crabs, turtles and fighter flies must be cleared out by jumping underneath the platform they sit on, then kicking them away. Each level is cleared when a set number of coins is collected.

Play Mario Bros online

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    Mario Burazāzu
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