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Released in 1992 on SNES
Play Mario Paint online (SNES)
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Mario Paint (Hepburn: Mario Peinto) is a video game released in 1992 by Nintendo for use with the Super NES. Play Mario Paint online here, for free!

Mario Paint (SNES) game description

Mario Paint is an educational game that allows anyone to create simple pictures, paint over black and white pictures, or free draw their own using the specially developed SNES Mouse. The player can also create their own piece of music using a selection of notes and themes, create greeting cards and animations, or play a game of “Gnat Attack”, where they use the mouse to control a swatter to swat flies.

Mario Paint contains a fly-swatting mini-game, Gnat Attack, which is a fast-paced action game that takes full advantage of the mouse peripheral. The player controls a gloved hand (similar to the one seen on the title screen) holding a flyswatter, which must swat flying insects on the screen, before the insect stings the player’s hand in one way or another. There are three levels, each with 100 insects and a boss. When you defeat the last boss it takes you back to level one and adds a small icon in the top left corner of the screen. There is no final level or reward, as the game will loop endlessly.

The title screen for Mario Paint is an Easter egg mini-game. The user is able to click each letter in the title to trigger a certain action. Certain letters cause the music to change, have Yoshi run by on screen, make Mario shrink and grow, allow the user to temporarily paint the background, and other features.

Play Mario Paint online

Play Mario Paint online here, for free. Play Mario Paint online in web browser now!

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