Play NHLPA Hockey 93 online

Released in 1992 on SNES
Play NHLPA Hockey 93 online
Play NHLPA Hockey 93 (SNES) game online.

NHLPA Hockey 93 is a Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System ice hockey game developed by Park Place Productions and published by Electronic Arts Sports Network. Play NHLPA Hockey 93 online!

NHLPA Hockey 93 gameplay

The game features are a single-game exhibition mode and a playoff mode, wherein the winner collects a trophy similar to the Stanley Cup. The game includes mostly complete rosters and all 24 teams from the 1991-92 NHL season, including the expansion Tampa Bay Lightning and Ottawa Senators.

NHLPA Hockey 93 is the second part in Electronic Arts’ hockey series. It features the NHLPA license (so it has real player names), but not the NHL license (so it doesn’t have NHL team names).

Gameplay is altered only slightly over the predecessor. Regular season and Playoff modes are available. Goalies have improved AI, there are more foul play options and the game now features detailed statistics.

Play NHLPA Hockey 93 online

Play Hockey 93 (SNES) game online. Play NHLPA Hockey 93 online now, for free. Play NHLPA Hockey 93 online now!

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