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Released in 1982 on Atari 2600

Phoenix is an outer space-themed, fixed shooter video game similar to Taito’s Space Invaders and released in 1980. The game’s developer is unknown. Play Phoenix online here, for free!

Phoenix (Atari 2600) game description

You are the commander of the Phoenix, and your mission is to reach an alien spaceship which has been draining your planets resources. The ship is guarded by four levels of bird like creatures. After clearing all four stages, the fifth level will be against a large, heavily shielded mothership. If the mothership is destroyed, the game will then repeat, but with increased speed and difficulty. To defeat the numerous enemies, the Phoenix is equipped with a laser cannon and a force field.

The player starts with three or six lives, depending on the settings.

Each level has five separate rounds. The player must complete a round to advance to the next.

Play Phoenix online

Play Phoenix online here, for free! Play Phoenix online now, in web browser.

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