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Shantae is the first game from the Shantae games series for Gameboy Color started in 2002. Shantae is a fun side-scrolling action platformer. Its main character, Shantae, is a lively half-genie who uses her long ponytail as a whip. Play Shantae online!

Shantae Storyline

The small fishing village of Scuttle Town is a tranquil place. This is mainly thanks to its self-appointed protector, Shantae the genie.
One day the adventurous lady pirate Risky Boots gets to know that Scuttle Town has a treasure chest. She quickly takes her ship over there and with her crew she raids the village planning to steal the treasure. As Shantae, you must use your genie magical abilities and dance moves to stop the pirate and her crew from taking the treasure and ruining the town.

Play Shantae online

Play Shantae action platform game for Gameboy Color online, in your browser right here on Play Shantae online here, for free. Play Shantae online now!

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