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Released in 1982 on Atari 2600
Play Raiders of the Lost Ark online (Atari 2600)
Play Raiders of the Lost Ark game for Atari 2600 online here, for free!

Raiders of the Lost Ark is an adventure video game created for the Atari 2600 based on the movie of the same name. Play Raiders of the Lost Ark online here, for free!

Raiders of the Lost Ark (Atari 2600) game description

The player controls Indiana Jones as he searches for the lost Ark of the Covenant. The game requires the player to use two different controllers: controller 2 moves Jones and its button uses an item; controller 1 selects the item to use and its button drops the item. This control scheme anticipated later game controllers with more buttons and games where buttons would allow the player to switch items without interrupting gameplay.

The video game is set in the city of Cairo in 1936, represented by an entrance room and a marketplace. From the entrance room, the player can blast a hole in the wall with a grenade and enter the Temple of the Ancients. Two paths await inside the Temple, both of which contain various dangers, after which the player will at last find the treasure room. Gold and artifacts can be picked up in the treasure room which will help the player later in the game.

The player must eventually cross a mesa, on the other side of which lies the Map Room where the location of the Lost Ark is revealed. South of the Map Room is a Thieves Den and a Black Market. The Black Market contains various figures, such as two sheiks, a Tsetse fly and a lunatic, and items needed to win the game (most notably a shovel).

After acquiring all needed items from the various rooms, the player returns to the mesa and jumps off using a parachute. The player then goes inside the mesa, via a small hole at the end of a branch, and digs up the Ark, after dodging more thieves.

Play Raiders of the Lost Ark online

You can play Raiders of the Lost Ark online here, in web browser. Play Raiders of the Lost Ark online now!

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