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Released in 2001 on Game Boy Color
Play Commander Keen online (Gameboy Color)
Play Commander Keen game for Gameboy Color online here, for free!

Commander Keen is a Game Boy Color game and the only official Keen game that was not originally released for DOS. Play Commander Keen online here, for free!

Commander Keen (Gameboy Color) game description

Commander Keen is a platform action game similar to the earlier installments of the series, though with more colorful and cartoony visuals. With new worlds, aliens, and more familiar candy, Commander Keen journeys again to the far reaches of outer space, this time to save the sacred Crystals, stolen by the evil Droidicus.

You play the role of Billy Blaze, who, when he isn’t tinkering in his secret workshop building new inventions, dons his brother’s football helmet and transforms into Commander Keen, Defender of the Earth, when the universe is in trouble.

Play Commander Keen online

Play Commander Keen online here, for free!

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