Play Sonic Westside Island online

Play Sonic Westside Island online (Sega Genesis)
Play Sonic Westside Island game for Sega Genesis online here, for free!

Sonic the Hedgehog – Westside Island (Sonic Westside Island) is a palette and layout hack of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. All levels have new layouts, new names and new palettes and the bosses have been made harder. In addition, the level select has been edited and you can now only start on Act 1 of each level from here. If you want to play Sonic 1 but with a new change of pace, this could be what you are looking for. Play Sonic Westside Island online here, for free!

Sonic Westside Island (Sega Genesis) game description

Sonic is peacefully relaxing in the summer sun when he gets word from Tails that Robotnik has found six of the seven Chaos Emeralds and has returned to Westside Island to try to take over the world, once and for all! Sonic, being the impatient hedgehog that he is, rushes off and takes the Tornado 2 to Westside Island to investigate, leaving Tails alone at his workshop.

Neo Hills

Visit a tranquil hillside at dusk, with the sun setting on the lake of the Island. Robotnik has infected the Island with many animal-like robots, called badniks, that will try to stop you.

Neon Plaza

The city night life in it’s daylight form. Neon lights litter the streets of this secluded city. Dodge the spikes that Robotnik has laid out to stop you.

Magma Zone

Westside Island’s active volcano could blow at any minute and traversing it is the only way to get to Robotnik. Dodge lava pits and ride blocks underground to pass this searing ordeal.

Lylat Star

Take to the skies at night as you explore the metropolis of the stars. Robotnik has been this way and broken the starlit speedway and it’s up to you to track him down.

Coral Ruin

Explore the remains of a tropical labyrinth. Robotnik had been digging here for precious energy to fuel his desires. You must be close to his fortress now.

Tech Engine

This is it, Robotnik’s Tech Engine! Powered by the six Chaos Emeralds he has found, Robotnik is about to take over the world. Do your best to stop the madman’s plot and save Westside Island, and the world!

Play Sonic Westside Island online

Play Sonic Westside Island online here, for free! Play Sonic Westside Island online in web browser!

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