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Released in 1993 on Sega Genesis
Play Splatterhouse 3 online (Genesis)
Play Splatterhouse 3 (Sega Genesis) game online here.

Splatterhouse 3 is a horror themed beat’em up video game released by Namco for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in 1993. It is the sequel to Splatterhouse 2. Play Splatterhouse 3 online here.

Splatterhouse 3 game description

The game takes place about five years after the events of Splatterhouse 2. Rick and Jennifer have since married and have a son named David. Rick has also become successful on Wall Street and has bought a mansion in Connecticut, putting the memories of the Terror Mask behind him.[2] Meanwhile, the Mask feels the ancient energy that it recalls from ages past and begins to speak to Rick. Rick must don the mask for the third time and fight the monsters that have invaded his mansion. Rick first fights to save Jennifer, who has been kidnapped by an entity known as the Evil One, but it is revealed this was only a distraction while the Evil One took David.

Rick eventually defeats the Evil One, who had planned to use David’s latent psychic abilities to unlock the power of an object known as the Dark Stone. Upon defeating the Evil One, the Mask reveals its true, evil intentions. Rick must then destroy the Terror Mask permanently.

There are four possible endings, depending on if you save Jennifer and David, save one or the other, or fail to save them both. All but the best ending start out with the Mask saying he’ll continue to exist as long as there’s human suffering, and as he shatters, it says how the sky has cleared, and that evil has once again been banished. The endings are as follow.

It still has a horror theme and maintains the same level of gore and violence. You can collect weapons such as a skull-smashing baseball bat, an ax and cement blocks. If you get knocked down, a ghost will try to snatch your weapon and drop it in another room of the house. Other collectible items include extra lives, health meat or orbs. These orbs build up a power meter. Upon completion, you have the ability to transform into a berserk mutant for a short time. The cutscenes feature real actors who act out the characters.

Play Splatterhouse 3 online, in web browser

You can play Splatterhouse 3 online, emulated in web browser here. Enjoy!

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