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Released in 1993 on SNES
Play Sunset Riders online (SNES)
Play Sunset Riders game for SNES online here, for free!

Sunset Riders (SNES) is a side-scrolling run and gun video game. Play Sunset Riders online here. For free!

Sunset Riders (SNES) game description

The Wild West…full of the criminal element. Sir Richard Rose, the most despicable face in the criminal lot, has enough power to control the mining facilities, cattle ranches, and trading communities and turn everything to his favor. With that much power, he could literally buy himself the Wild West and control everything!

The people need help, desperately. And just as things were looking grim, who should ride into town but 4 men who have made a pact: to put down Sir Richard Rose and make the Wild West a free and peaceful place to live.

Steve, Bob, Billy, and Cormano are the Sunset Riders, and they’re about to live out the wildest shootout the Wild West has ever seen…

Play Sunset Riders online

You can play Sunset Riders online here, for free. Play Sunset Riders online now!

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