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Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is a late 1990s fantasy side-scrolling action platformer for the Gameboy Color.

Super Mario Bros Deluxe storyline

The Mushroom Kingdom has been invaded by the Koopa, a tribe of turtles that use dark magic. Their king Bowser has transformed all inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom into mundane objects such as rocks, bricks or mushrooms. What is more, he has captured Princess Toadstool! Fortunately, he did not turn her into a mushroom. She is the only one who can break Koopas’ evil spells. Unluckily for the Koopas, Mario is imprisoned in a castle deep in a dungeon. Down there he hears about what happened and sets out to help everyone.

Super Mario Bros Deluxe Bonus content

Super Mario Bros Deluxe features a remake of the original 1985 game, a challenge mode and a versus game option. Other goodies bundled with the game are records, an album and a toy box. The Lost Levels game is also included, but has to be unlocked first.

Play Super Mario Bros Deluxe online

You can find this fun platformer for Gameboy Color here on Play Super Mario Bros Deluxe online, emulated, in your browser here. Play Super Mario Bros Deluxe online for free!

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