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Released in 2000 on Game Boy Color
Play Warlocked online (Gameboy Color)
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Warlocked is a real-time strategy video game developed by Bits Studios and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Color. Play Warlocked online here, for free!

Warlocked (Gameboy Color) game description

In the perilous world of Warlocked, a ferocious war is raging between the Human forces of Queen Azarel and the Beast horde of Chief Zog. Players can control either side, each of them offers 30 missions.

Warlocked brings real-time strategy gaming to the Boy Color set in a fantasy warfare scenario. The key to victory is a balanced mix of resource gathering, building, exploration and combat. Adding a magical twist to the straightforward action is the presence of wizards, each of whom has one powerful spell. While some wizards can convert enemy troops to your side, others can change them into chickens or skeletons. More than 20 kinds of wizards are hidden throughout the game.

Using a Game Link Cable, you can test your war skills against another player. Two-player battle maps are earned by progressing through the single-player game. Warlocked also enables you to build your own personal armies with resources that you have saved in your campaigns in single player mode, and then trade them with a friend using the infrared ports on the console.

Play Warlocked online

Play Warlocked online here, for free! Play Warlocked online now, in web browser.

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