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Donkey Kong (GameBoy) is back in this update of the iconic Nintendo arcade game! Although at first it appears to be just a Game Boy port, the familiar levels from the arcade game are just an introduction to the real platform jumping adventure that this game brings. No, the game does not end after you rescue Pauline at the end of the fourth level. Donkey Kong makes off with her once again! Play Donkey Kong online!

Donkey Kong (GameBoy) game description

The Game Boy version has 96 levels spanning over 12 worlds. The levels are much more complex and much nicer to look at than the originals, featuring scrolling backgrounds, numerous objects to collect, and enemies to avoid. Along the way, you will encounter several boss-style battles with Donkey Kong, as well.

Play Donkey Kong online

Play Donkey Kong for Game Boy online, nicely emulated, in your browser, here on! Play Donkey Kong online now, for free!

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