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Released in 1993 on Gameboy
Play Kid Dracula online (Gameboy)
Play Kid Dracula game for Gameboy online here, for free!

Kid Dracula (Gameboy) is a side-scroller and a parody of the Castlevania series. The difference is you play as a young vampire rather than a vampire killer. Play Kid Dracula online here, for free.

Kid Dracula (Gameboy) game description

Gameplay consists of very standard jump and shoot platform action. As you progress through the 8 levels, you gain the ability to perform spells, like turning into a bat. You will also receive guidance from your pal, the Grim Reaper.

This game is a sequel to the events of the original Boku Dracula-Kun. Galamoth (called Garamoth in the game) has returned and it is up to Kid Dracula to stop him once again. However, he seems to have forgotten most of his spells. Also, many of his minions have turned against him and joined Galamoth. Death remains by his side however, and gives him tips and heirlooms from his father, Dracula, along the way.

Play Kid Dracula online

Play Kid Dracula online here, for free. Play Kid Dracula online in web browser now!

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