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Released in 1989 on Sega Genesis
Play Revenge of Shinobi online (Genesis)
Play Revenge of Shinobi game for Sega Genesis online here.

The Revenge of Shinobi (Sega Genesis), also known as Shinobi II: The Revenge and originally known in Japan as The Super Shinobi, is a video game developed and published by Sega in 1989. The game is a traditional side-scrolling platform game. Play Revenge of Shinobi online here, at

Revenge of Shinobi (Sega Genesis) storyline

In Revenge of Shinobi game, a follow-up to the original Shinobi, once again you are Joe Musashi, but this time you’re not out to free hostages, but to gain your revenge on the ‘Neo Zeed’ bandits.

The story told is that the old enemies ‘Zeed’ from the first Shinobi game has reorganised, and they have now struck back at your clan, first by killing your old master, and then kidnapping your bride.

What you have to do is go around killing enemies with “kunai”, or throwing knives, and find the exits on each level. You can also find power pack upgrades by breaking boxes – though some are booby-trapped with bombs. Once you touch an upgrade, your knives turn into fire and you have a ninja sword. Extra knives and health are also sometimes in these boxes.

Play Revenge of Shinobi online

Play Revenge of Shinobi online, emulated in web browser.

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