Play Splatterhouse 2 online

Released in 1992 on Sega Genesis
Play Splatterhouse 2 game online
Play Splatterhouse 2 (Sega Genesis) game online here.

Splatterhouse 2 is a sidescrolling beat ’em up video game released in 1992 on the Mega Drive/Genesis home video game console published by Namco. It is the sequel to Splatterhouse. Play Splatterhouse 2 game online here.

Splatterhouse 2 storyline

Three months have gone by since the events of the first game. The Terror Mask, which has reformed after breaking at the climax of the first game, appears to Rick and repeatedly tempts him to “go back to the house”, telling him that Jennifer “doesn’t have to die”. It closes by telling Rick “You need me”. Rick succeeds in rescuing Jennifer, and the House sinks into the bottom of the river.

The mask from the Splatterhouse appears and promises that there is still a chance to save her. There is a downside to it, though. Wearing the mask of terror will fill you with feral rage and an insatiable hunger for blood.

Splatterhouse 2 gameplay

Splatterhouse 2 features gameplay very similar to the first game. The player controls Rick through eight different stages, each two-dimensional. Rick’s attacks remain largely unchanged, able to punch, kick, jump kick, and slide kick, as well as use several weapons scattered throughout the levels. Each level features a boss at the end, often a grotesque monster.

Play Splatterhouse 2 game online

You can play Splatterhouse 2 game online, in web browser via Sega Genesis emulator.

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