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Super Mario Land game for Game Boy is our favorite Italian plumber’s first outing on the Game Boy! It is a side-scrolling platformer very much like its predecessor, Super Mario Bros. This time though, Mario goes out save Princess Daisy from her kidnapper Tatanga, a mysterious spaceman. Play Super Mario Land Game online now!

Super Mario Land gameplay

Super Mario Land follows mostly the same formula as Super Mario Bros. Mario can defeat enemies by jumping on them, he can collect coins and power ups that come out of blocks that he can hit from the bottom. To finish each world Mario needs to win a boss fight at the end. What is unique in this Mario game is that it features two side-scrolling shoot ’em up levels, where Mario pilots a submarine and an airplane.

Play Super Mario Land Game online

If you want to play this gem of a game, you are in the right place! You can play Super Mario Land game online, emulated, in your browser here on! Play Super Mario Land Game online now!

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