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Pokemon Red Version is a turn-based fantasy JRPG for the Game Boy. Compared with the previous Pokemon game, Red has updated graphics, audio, some work was done in changing area layouts. Maybe the most prominent update is that the game got a significant code overhaul, all of which is shared with the Japanese release of the game called Pocket Monsters Ao. Play Pokemon Red online here!

Pokemon Red Version game description

In Pokemon Red you take on a role of a young pokemon trainer and you embark on a quest to catch all 150 pokemon there are, and become the very best trainer like no one ever was.

Essentially, in terms of gameplay, the game has two parts. One of them, the walking and talking part of the game, is viewed from a top-down perspective. There you can explore cities, shops, homes, wildlands, you can talk to various characters. The other of them, the encounter part, is where your pokemon fight other pokemon. It is turn-based and viewed from an action perspective to show more visual details.

In order to completely fill the Pokédex, you must trade pokemon with owners of Pokemon Blue Version.

Play Pokemon Red online

If you want to see what this super popular fantasy JRPG for the Game Boy is all about, you are in the right place! On you can play Pokemon Red Version online, emulated, in your browser! Play Pokemon Red online here, for free!

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