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Kirby’s Dream Land is a cute, early 1990s side-scrolling fantasy action platformer for Game Boy. Play Kirby’s Dream Land online now!

Kirby’s Dream Land storyline

King Dedede, the king of Dream Land, is a super greedy eater. Gathering food for his midnight feast, he took everything the inhabitants of Dream Land had to eat. One of his subjects, our cute Kirby, did not like that at all and decided to travel all the way to King Dedede’s palace to get the food back.

Kirby’s Dream Land gameplay

Kirby looks like a cute little marshmallow, but he is actually quite powerful. He can suck up his enemies and then spit them out at other enemies. Kirby can also swallow air and inflate himself which allows him to fly. The game has four levels and no save feature.

Play Kirby’s Dream Land online

You can play Kirby’s Dreamland for Game Boy online, emulated, in your browser here on! Play Kirby’s Dream Land online now, for free!

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