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Released in 1989 on Gameboy
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Kwirk, known in Japan as Puzzle Boy, is an action/transport puzzle video game first developed and published by Atlus in Japan on November 24, 1989 for the original Game Boy. Play Kwirk online, for free!

Kwirk (Gameboy) storyline

Kwirk and his girlfriend Tammy were both out “painting the town red” when they decided to explore the unnamed city’s subterranean labyrinth below. While down there, Tammy suddenly disappears and Kwirk, with his Veggie Friends, now has to find her in the labyrinth and bring her home.

Kwirk (Gameboy) game description

Kwirk (Gameboy) is a puzzle-game, in which you have to help a tomato reach the exit of numerous levels. The path to the exit is blocked by boxes, holes and spinning doors. Boxes can be pushed aside or into holes to make them traversable and there are different types of spinning doors.

In some levels, it is also possible (and necessary) to control several different characters to help the main character get to the exit. As the game progresses, levels get larger and more complicated.

Play Kwirk online

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